Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a prosthetic which helps replace a missing tooth. The process of dental bridge involves using two adjacent healthy, natural teeth as an anchor to which the crowns and pontic attaches.  A prosthetic tooth or a  pontic, is anchored to two crowns that are placed on the adjacent healthy teeth and the crowns are cemented using a special dental cement.

The ponic or prosthetic tooth floats above the gums, and is attached to the crowns on either side of it. Dental bridges are made to match the color of your natural teeth and are a good option in cases where implants are not recommended. 


Crown is an artificial cover or cap for your tooth. Cavities, fractures and cracks can lead to weakened tooth structure. In order to reinforce your tooth and gain optimal function it is recommended to get a crown over the weakened tooth structure. Crowns function and feel just like natural teeth and are designed to help protect weekend or damaged teeth.

Why do I need a dental crown ?

Crowns are used to strengthen and restore teeth that are severely damaged and can not be salvaged by a traditional filling. Crowns can protect a tooth from further damage and prevent the tooth from further breaking or fracturing. It is very common to have a crown placed after large fillings, cracked teeth and root canal procedure.

Dental crowns can also serve an esthetic function by covering discolored, misshapen teeth.

Dental crown procedure : 

Dental crown procedure consists of two easy office visits. 

During the first visit, your tooth is shaped  to make room for the new crown. A shade guide is used to obtain a perfect color match for your crown. Then a digital scanner is used to take a highly accurate impression of your tooth and bite. The 3-D model is then digitally sent to the lab. 

The lab uses the information to custom design and fabricate your crown. The crown fits comfortably in your mouth and feels like a natural tooth. While the lab is designing the crown, you will wear the temporary crown for approximately two weeks. 

The second visit is when the permanent crown is ready, the temporary crown is removed, the tooth is cleaned and the permanent crown is placed. The fit, bite, color is checked for accuracy and comfort. If everything is perfect, then dental cement is used to seal the crown in place.


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