Dentures and

Dentures and partials are removable prosthetic devices which are used to replace missing teeth. Both appliances mimic and function as natural teeth. Helping you have a confident smile. 

Partial denture vs Complete denture 

Partial dentures are for patients that are only missing some natural teeth. Partial dentures can be anchored or stabilized by natural teeth or implants. 

Complete dentures are used when all of the natural teeth are missing. They can be implant supported which provide more stability and better anchoring of the dentures. There are several options for dentures. We will discuss the best option for you during the consultation visit. 

Benefits of Dentures? 

  • Restoring facial shape 
  • Restoring ability to eat, bite and chew 
  • Increasing confidence and appearance of your smile 

What are the steps involved in getting a denture? 

Dentures require a series of appointments, which are spaced out over the span of a couple weeks. The first dental visit includes having measurements or impressions taken which the laboratory will use to fabricate the denture. Subsequent appointments involve receiving additional measurements and checking the fit and speech with the temporary denture. If the measurements, fit and speech is satisfactory with temporary denture, it is sent to the lab to be processed for a permanent denture. Once the permanent denture is ready, comfort and stability are checked. It will take some time to get used to speaking, eating and wearing your dentures. However, it will not be too long before you can speak and eat comfortably with your dentures.  


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