Digital X-Rays and Digital Scanning

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography provides high resolution images while minimizing exposure to radiation.This technique uses a sensor which is placed in the mouth and a radiograph is taken. The digital image is then stored on the computer.

Dental radiographs allow the dentist to see interproximal decay or determine if there is any pathology, such as bone loss, caries or oral cancer, around the tooth.

Dental radiographs can help diagnose: 

  • Abscess or cyst 
  • Bone loss 
  • Pathology ( cancerous or non cancerous tumors) 
  • Interproximal decay 
  • Cavities inside a tooth 
  • Infections at the apical portion or at the end of the teeth

Are Digital X-rays safe? 

Digital radiographs are extremely safe and the amount of radiation from x-rays is negligible. We are exposed to more radiation in our natural environment than from a dental x-ray. We also take necessary precautions such as placing a lead apron which shields and protects the body during x-rays. 

Digital Scanning 

Digital scanning is the most accurate and fastest way to map the patient’s oral cavity. A digital scanner has two portions, one being the  wand-like device which attaches to the second portion the computer. The wand is placed into the patient’s mouth and meticulously captures the anatomy of teeth. As the scanner or wand is moved around the mouth the computer captures a digital scan or impression of the patient’s mouth. 

Benefits of Scanning versus Traditional Impressions 

Traditional impressions are prone to errors due to material shrinkage , or improper setting time. They require longer chair time and additional steps. Digital impressions are more accurate in capturing anatomy and require less time. 

Digital radiographs are more comfortable to traditional impressions as they eliminate the gag reflex often elicited with impression material. 

Digital scanning allows for: 

  • Accuracy 
  • Less chair time 
  • Eliminating gag reflex 
  • Decreases anxiety and is more comfortable for patients 
  • Environmentally friendly option as disposable plastic trays, impression materials are not used


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