Tooth Colored

Tooth colored fillings also known as composite restorations are designed to blend seamlessly with your natural tooth color. They are not as noticeable as amalgam fillings or silver fillings which are darker and easily identified. Composite fillings are made up of plastic and ceramic compounds that bond chemically to teeth.

Composite restorations preserve more of the natural tooth structure because they are chemically bonded to the surface of the tooth vs amalgam. Traditional amalgam fillings are mechanically attached to tooth structure and require a certain type of preparation which sacrifices more of the natural tooth structure. Composite restorations are the best option to replace tooth structure lost from cavities.

Composite restoration procedure: 

During your visit, your teeth and gums will be anesthetized with local anesthetic. Once profound anesthesia is achieved, the soft or carious portion of tooth structure will be removed and once cavity is removed a tooth colored filling will be placed and packed and shaped. The composite is then cured and polished. 

After the procedure, you can return to normal oral care and activity. It is common to experience some sensitivity to cold and hot beverages or food. Allow some time for sensitivity to subside.


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